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Common symptoms associated with depression

  • Depressed mood
  • Diminished interest or pleasure in activities
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Teary
  • Fatigue, loss of energy nearly every day
  • Diminished ability to concentrate
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Suicidal thoughts/plans
  • Engaging in self-harm

Types of depression

  • Major Depressive Episode (two weeks or more of severe low mood)
  • Persistent Depression (two years of more of low mood)
  • Bi-polar disorder (individuals experience periods of low mood and also extreme high moods)


Please note

Please note that we may not be able to respond to your email for several days.

Please be aware we are not a crisis support service and are not able to respond outside of business hours (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm AEST).

Should you require immediate assistance please contact your local health practitioner or local hospital.

In addition, if you are an Australian resident you might like to consider Lifeline's new online personal crisis support service. Please use the link below for more details.

In the event of an emergency, or if you are experiencing persistent suicidal thoughts, we strongly recommended that you seek immediate assistance. You can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 ( available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) if you are living in Australia (or hit this link for a detailed list of other Australian services) or any other similar crisis service available in your country.


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